Our Company

Giorgio & C. is an highly specialized company in the aftermarket sector of trucks, buses, industrial and commercial vehicles, passenger cars.

The firm distributes a wide range of spare parts: original brands, O.E.M. and exchange components with competitive prices.

Our products range includes mechanical and bodywork items.

Spare Parts Warehouse

The team in our warehouse, under the leadership of Mr. Giorgio, is managed by Gaetano Asoli, helped by Domenico Lupelli, that will be at your disposal at sales department.

The logistic area chief, Franco De Giglio, is helped by Davide Procacci.

Andrea Pagano controls billings and customers care. Gaetano Procacci manages customers and suppliers orders, delivery documents and so on.


Luigi Giorgio or Annalisa Giorgio cares your purchases or your bids.


Florinda Patruno cares customers accounting while Giacomo Pagano manages the suppliers accounting.

Annalisa Giorgio is the administrative supervisor and chief of Data Processing Center.

Export, Website and Web Marketing Management

Annalisa Giorgio is the export and web marketing manager.